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Wanstead Go Club

This is the home page of Britain's premier Go Club, Wanstead. We exist to play and promote the game of Go, the ancient board game from the Far East known also as weiqi (Chinese) or baduk (in Korean).

We meet regularly on Thursday evenings from 7:15 pm at Wanstead House, 21 The Green, Wanstead, London E11 2NT (Local Map) , except for two weeks over Christmas and the month of August. Our venue is 100 yards from Wanstead Underground station, and has a bar. The playing room is smoke-free; players who want to smoke often take a set down to the bar. Membership is �2 per visit (concessions �1), or five visits for �10. New members get three free visits. Attendance is usually around 10.

Players range from complete beginners up to 4 dan in strength. All with an interest in Go are very welcome to come, without the slightest obligation. Learn the game from us, or try your ability against an experienced player.

We pride ourselves on being a social organisation as well as just a venue for go players. Wanstead teams are often to be found at tournaments and other events; but we also meet socially at weekends and other times.

We compete in international matches against teams from Japan, China, Korea and the rest of Britain. We are permanent holders of the Pink Stone, a trophy for clubs in East Anglia. We compete in Tony's Tideless Thames & Tributaries Team Tournament (the 'Tideless' was devised specifically to exclude Wanstead).

Our Official Book is the Nihon Kiin's Compendium of Trick Plays. Our more committed members have the green and yellow Korean trick play books, but as we can't read the titles, we can't make them official books.

The club organises an annual tournament in October, which attracts around 50 players from all over the country.

To find out more about the club contact Alistair Wall at .

Wanstead Go Club is affiliated to the British Go Association. Go equipment and books may be obtained by mail order from BGA Books Ltd.

The nearest Go clubs to Wanstead are those at North London, Central London and Billericay. For current details of these and others, click to see a national map and classified listings.

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